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Anonymous Twitter Account Hacked by Rustle League

Anonymous got hacked by Rustle League members that managed to hijack one of the hacktivist group’s Twitter accounts. With more than 160,000 followers, Anon_CentralINF was controlled by the anti-Anonymous hacking group for several hours, and it recently became unavailable.

Anonymous Twitter Account Hacked by Rustle League“Can’t believe you both are fighting against each other instead of sharing powers for more important goals,” users commented.

The micro-blogging platform was recently targeted by several cyber-attacks. Victims included Burger King, Jeep, and Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Burger King’s Twitter hacking made headlines this week after the attackers altered the account to show a bogus merger with rival fast-food chain McDonalds. The most controversial message in the prank was: “We just got sold to McDonalds!,” a tweet that produced confusion among thousands of followers.

According to Softpedia, hacking Twitter accounts is becoming a trend exploited even for marketing purposes. Television channel MTV has even “hacked” its own account as a prank to promote its sister network BET.

In the first day of February, Twitter itself got hacked, and 250,000 users had their passwords, usernames, emails and other personal details stolen.

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