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Facebook Concerned about their Users

Facebook has warned its users to change their login data to protect their accounts in the light of the recent Adobe breach.

The world’s top social network sent some users a message asking them to change their authentication data as they happen to use the same password and e-mail to log in to both Adobe and Facebook accounts.

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The company took it upon itself to dig into the leaked Adobe data dumps on the Internet to look for users with common identification data for both Adobe and Facebook websites. Facebook said this was not the first time the company analyzed data dumps from high-profile security incidents.

“We actively look for situations where the accounts of people who use Facebook could be at risk—even if the threat is external to our service,” said Jay Nancarrow of Facebook. “When we find these situations, we present messages like the one in the screenshot to help affected people secure their accounts.” Additionally, users are asked to answer a few security questions, according to blog post by independent security researcher Brian Krebs.

At the beginning of October this year, Adobe confirmed losing approximately 3 million customer records, including credit card information, user account login details and the source code of two of its products in a sophisticated security incident that involved the company’s network.

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