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Hackers Breach NASA Database, Leak Account Credentials, Emails and Passwords

The GrenXPaRTa hackers group breached the systems of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and leaked user accounts and email addresses with SHA-1 encrypted passwords, according to screen captures hackers posted on Twitter.

On Friday the hackers posted two screen captures to prove they accessed systems of NASA’s Ames research center.


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“#NASA Hacked & #LEaked Data By #GrenXPaRTa & My Team @HagashTeam,” the hackers entitled both screen captures.

The targeted web site was “” and the breach seems to be part of an Anonymous operation dubbed OpLeak involving many hacking groups.

The leaked data contained database administrator accounts and user accounts as well as partner names, corporation and email addresses.

All of the above had attached encrypted SHA-1 passwords, and some had the plain text password near the hash.


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The screen captures showed how the hackers logged into the NASA database with the username “colleen,” meaning that this account was probably hacked first, giving the hackers access.

The GrenXPaRTa hacker group also targeted and leaked data in the last few week of some high-profile companies and universities such as Walmart, ExxonMobil and Stamford University.

Disclaimer: The leak was originally posted on Pastebin but at the time of the writing it was already removed.

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