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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Install Phishes for WoW players’ accounts

World of Warcraft players need to ignore the unexpected e-mails that pop up into their inboxes offering professional skills, automatic upgrades for the role of class 60. Because they are bogus.  

Spammers have launched a new campaign offering fake Warlords of Draenor expansion pack, gifts, gold and upgrades, to trick WoW fans into filling out a phishing form and singlehandedly providing crooks with their players’ accounts (e-mail and password).

The message, signed Blizzard Entertainment, includes a link for gamers to access and get the serial number to pre-install game files and enable the gifts for the game that will be launched in December 20th, 2014. But, of course, this is all a big lie. Once users access the link, they will land on a phishing page that collects player account authentication data.

Another bogus message tells gamers they were handpicked as one of the select 50,000 bunch to receive a free update package. To activate the game, users need to click a link that will take them to a phishing form to grab their accounts.

Bottom line, if you want the expansion pack, go to the official Battle.Net website and buy it. Delete anything that lands unexpected into your inbox, offering you dazzling discounts or giveaways. This way you avoid being locked out your account.

Bitdefender blocks the spam e-mails and the malicious webpages, so users who have the antivirus solution installed are protected. The company advises users to keep their software updated, including their antivirus.

This article is based on the spam samples provided courtesy of Maria Daniela NISTOR, Bitdefender Spam Researcher.

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