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Sex Tape Scam Featuring Rihanna and `His’ Boyfriend Hits Facebook


Facebook users are being hit by yet another alleged sex tape featuring Rihanna, one of the most popular celebrities used by cyber-criminals for hoaxes and fraud on the social network. This time, the scam alleges the American singer was caught with `his boyfriend’ [sic] during sexy times.

The inappropriate possessive pronoun may have been used to avoid anti-scam detection. But the fact that spammers are grammatically-challenged doesn’t curb their craving for enticing sex tapes that nobody ever gets to see.

Messages about Rihanna’s “S3x Tape w1th his boyfriend” are spreading rapidly from one Facebook profile to another. The scam is also shared by children through likejacking, a malicious technique that leaves unwary users wonder how the hoax ended up on their timeline.

“How the hell did this [VIDE0] RIHANNA S3x Tape w1th his boyfriend get on my page n pasted to everyones comment?,” wrote a teenage Facebook user about 10 hours ago.

“These fraudulent messages are designed to trick users into relinquishing control of their Facebook accounts to Internet fraudsters who will use the hijacked accounts to blast out more of the Rihanna spam and possibly other scam messages as well,” Hoax Slayer writes. “They also attempt to trick users into participating in bogus online surveys. No matter how many surveys they complete, participants will never get to see the promised video.”

Sex Tape Scam Featuring Rihanna and `His’ Boyfriend Hits Facebook

Sex Tape Scam Featuring Rihanna and `His’ Boyfriend Hits FacebookThe fake Rihanna video uses the same “verification code” mechanism employed by recent “South Airlines” and “Disney” ticket scams discovered by the Bitdefender Labs.

Sex Tape Scam Featuring Rihanna and `His’ Boyfriend Hits FacebookSex Tape Scam Featuring Rihanna and `His’ Boyfriend Hits FacebookThe same sex tape appetite made more than 11,000 French users “like” a profile devoted to Rihanna. “Vidéo : La première sex tape de Rihanna” isn’t the only community scammers created for the French.

The singer’s fans should also pay attention to scammy apps such as “dress up” and “makeover” games that ask for invasive permissions and post to friends’ timeline on their behalf.

Sex Tape Scam Featuring Rihanna and `His’ Boyfriend Hits FacebookThe “sex tape” industry is more popular than you would imagine. Fraudulent websites promoted on Facebook lure users with countless celebrity sex tapes for monthly membership fees averaging around $30. Scammers also make money out of dubious links and surveys that people are redirected to after clicking the “2 Day Free Trial Access.”

Users can’t seem to get enough of celebrity “sex tapes”, no matter how much scams spread. The “I lost all respect for her” trick is used on a regular basis not only with Rihanna, but also with stars such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

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With a variant of Rihanna’s sex tape scam, cyber-criminals are also abusing Blogger, Google’s blog-publishing service. Male figures such as Justin Bieber are also used to lure fans to bogus “s3x tapes” hosted on blogspot.com, eHackingNews reports.

The web site redirects them to a malicious survey page where the same copy and paste mechanism enters the scene to “submit for verification.”

This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Andrei Serbanoiu, Bitdefender Software Analyst.

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  • Hello, Cody. If you clicked on such a scam voluntarily or through likejacking, you can remove it from your timeline to prevent your friends from getting spammed as well. If the scam is an app used for malicious purposes, remove it from ‘Your Apps’ in the app center. Be mindful of app permissions before you install them. Thanks for reading our blog;)

  • One would think this would all be avoided through common sense. Oh well, I suppose there is a reason I have never had viruses on my computer.